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Here at Aqua Banners we love showing various aquatic fish tanks and picture of aquariums by our blog followers. We also like posting funny stories of our followers as well regarding their fish tank experiences. One of our recent followers Julie Morten had four large salt water aquariums in her house. Having around 20 fish in each, meaning she had to keep around a good supply of fish food. Unfortunately for Julie this fish food storage pile was broken into by pesky rats and rodents. Julie lives in Atlanta, Georgia where “rats are a big problem” she says. Julie did not even realize she had a rat removal problem at her Atlanta home until it was too late and the food was already eaten and contaminated.

rat control

Julie was not going to stand for a rat infestation so she hired the big guns. A professional rat removal company based in Atlanta Goergia to control and remove the rodents from her home. A company that goes by Atlanta Rat Removal. Atlanta Rat removal trapped and exterminated the rats getting into Julie’s fish food supply over the course of 3 weeks. Julie estimated the rats destroyed over $270 in fish food and aquarium supplies, wow. Her rat infestation is now under control, but here at Aqua Banners we wanted to share this story with fellow Aquarium owners to show that any strange thing can occur at any moment. Thanks for reading! Tell next time.

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